PCCSA Mission

The objective of Public Cyber Charter School Association (PCCSA) is to provide information, strategies, and action items on Cyber Charter School issues that affect the funding and operation of these schools. Any Cyber Charter School may participate in the activities of the PCCSA.  PCCSA has networked many PA Cyber Charter Schools to share best practices and works cooperatively with any school choice organization. Over the last 17 years, various political legislature have attempted to redefine the character and needs of Cyber Charter Schools by attempting to pass various bills that could influence their effectiveness and / or reduce their funding.

Cyber Schools: Different Paths, Same Destinations

We wanted to, in a fun way, compare and contrast the experience of a cyber student with that of traditional brick-and-mortar student. This video provides a good example.

Cyber Schools Change Lives

Nicolas Hand is a talented, young athlete who suffers from Tourette Syndrome. He is a cyber charter school graduate (Agora 2014).  Originally a student in the Octorara school district, Nick has expressed that because of his Tourettes, he felt he would not have graduated high school if it wasn’t for cyber charter school.
Nick is a great example of the kind of student that makes school choice invaluable.

This documentary short – TIC: How Cyber School and Jiu Jitsu Changed Nick’s Life is about Nick, his experience with cyber school (and jiu jitsu), and how that particular educational choice that was available to him – significantly impacted his life. We hope you are encouraged and inspired by Nick’s story – please enjoy.

PA Coalition of Public Charter Schools

As if we are dumping good money into an empty chair, “…for 169,000 kids in Pennsylvania, one quarter of every dollar spent on public education never gets to schools they attend…”