HB 530 Details

House Bill 530 may be found at: Bill Information | Direct Link to Bill Text
Impact: Cyber Charter Schools
Prime Sponsor: Representative Mike Reese

HB 530 Summary

  • PA HB 530 is designed to address perceived needs in the PA Charter School Law.  It is being driven by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials whose agenda is to save money for school districts by cutting funding for Charter Schools.
  • This bill uniquely attacks Cyber Charter Schools and does not address other inequities.  It assumes that Cyber Charter Schools do not deserve the same amount of funding for their students as other traditional public schools or as other PA Charter Schools.
  • The cuts to Cyber Charter Schools across the board would be 5%, but could be as much as 8% from Philadelphia students and as much as 15% from Chester students.
  • This bill also establishes a funding commission that could do great damage to PA Charter Schools because the members are all appointed by elected politicians and their appointed representatives.

A summary of the bill may be found at: SUMMARY of HB 530
A more detailed summary may be retrieved by request from: Detailed Summary of HB 530

In essence, it would remove funding for Cyber Charter Schools this year alone by 8-10% and would remove as much as 20% in years to followSee a specific breakdown of how HB 530 would affect Charter Schools: Ten Items of Concern