HB 618 Details

House Bill 618 may be found at: Bill Information | Direct Link to Bill Text
Impact: Cyber Charter schools
Prime Sponsor: Representative Joe Emrick

HB 618 Summary

  • PA HB 618 is designed to remove what is called a “double dip” in the funding of the Cyber-Charter-School pensions. Cyber Charter Schools currently receive 100% of the pension costs from the local district, and the state reimburses Cyber Charter Schools 50%, as well.
  • If passed, HB 618 will cut the 100% contribution made by the district to Cyber Charters, leaving only the 50% reimbursement from the state intact.
  • This bill punishes Cyber Charter Schools and does not address any other inequities.
  • It would leave Cyber-Charter-School employee pensions underfunded and flips the cyber “dip and a half” in favor of the local districts

In essence, it would remove funding for Cyber Charter Schools this year by 8-10% and would remove as much as 20% in subsequent years.

See the HB 618 Voting Record here: Voting Record for HB 618