HB 97 Details

House Bill 97 may be found at:
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Impact: Cyber Charter Schools
Prime Sponsor: Representative Mike Reese

HB 97 Summary

  • House Bill 97 also establishes a funding commission that is similar to the funding commission established in former House Bill 530 (see Past Legislation).

  • Under this bill, school districts will be able to deduct the costs for the following:

    • Actual total amount that the district of residence paid to a cyber charter school for the prior year
    • Budgeted expenditures of the district of residence for nonpublic school programs
    • Adult education programs
    • Community/junior college programs
    • Tax assessment and collection services
    • 30% of operation and maintenance plant services
    • Student transportation services
    • Special education programs
    • Facilities acquisition
    • Construction and improvement services
    • Financing uses including debt service and fund transfers