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On this page you will find information about Past Legislation that could have affected Cyber Charter Schools and their students.

Please click on each item below to find out how that bill affected you and your online charter school student and what you can do to support PA Online Schools.

Senate Bill 1085

Senate Bill 1085 attempts to provide some help to Charter Schools but cuts the funding for Charter Schools by 8-10% by [1] reducing the Pennsylvania State Employee Retirement System reimbursement to Charter Schools from the state by 3-5% and [2] cutting Cyber Charter Schools an additional 5%.

HB 618

PA HB 618 is designed to remove what is called a “double dip” in the funding of the Cyber-Charter-School pensions. Cyber Charter Schools currently receive 100% of the pension costs from the local district, and the state reimburses Cyber Charter Schools 50%, as well. If passed, HB 618 will cut the 100% contribution made by the district to Cyber Charters, leaving only the 50% reimbursement from the state intact.

HB 530

PA HB 530 is designed to address perceived needs in the PA Charter School Law.  It is being driven by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials whose agenda is to save money for school districts by cutting funding for Charter Schools.

HB 97

House Bill 97 also establishes a funding commission that is similar to the funding commission established in former House Bill 530 (see Past Legislation).

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