Dear PA House Representative:

I am sending you the SAT results that were recently posted on the PA Department of Education website.

PA Leadership Charter School scored 153 out of 692 schools state wide – in the top 78 percentile!

I researched the twenty schools that scored just below PA Leadership (153-173) and compared the amount of money these school districts spend on their students.

The greatest difference was Exeter Township School District at $23,900 (vs. $12,198 for PALCS).  The average for all school districts combined was $15,226 (vs. $12,198 for PALCS), or an average of 25% more than PALCS spends per student.  Yet, our school beat them all and PALCS beat them all with less money than every single one of them!

PA LEADERSHIP CHARTER SCHOOL  $             12,198
BURRELL SD  $             13,838
ANNVILLE-CLEONA SD  $             19,464
BLACKHAWK SD  $             12,549
NESHAMINY SD  $             20,121
BLOOMSBURG AREA SD  $             12,401
DELAWARE VALLEY SD  $             13,532
FREEPORT AREA SD  $             12,345
GATEWAY SD  $             17,835
ELIZABETHTOWN AREA SD  $             12,772
KISKI AREA SD  $             12,989
PURCHASE LINE SD  $             17,438
CLARION AREA SD  $             13,734
EXETER TOWNSHIP SD  $             23,900
OLEY VALLEY SD  $             15,845
MONTROSE AREA SD  $             14,862
BELLEFONTE AREA SD  $             14,263
SUSQUENITA SD  $             16,247
SOMERSET AREA SD  $             14,072
CORNWALL-LEBANON SD  $             13,488
GREENSBURG SALEM SD  $             13,615
Total spent  $           305,310
Total spent per student  $             15,266
Average Percentage School Districts spent more than PALCS 1.25

There is currently a bill being offered in the PA Education Committee (HB 530) that singles out Cyber Charter Schools for funding cuts.  In light of the fact that our school (and others) are seeing good success – with 25% less !!! – it seems patently unfair to me to be singling out Cyber Charter Schools for cuts.  Would you please contact Speaker Turzai and let him know that this is unfair?

Bill link.

I would be glad to talk with you or your staff about this bill at any time.  I include my cell phone for that purpose.