Dear PA House Representative,

I am sending you a link, to a list of the recently posted SAT scores for all high schools in Pennsylvania, a cost analysis and a study comparing schools.  I would like to bring to your attention two items.

  1. There are eight charter schools in the top 200 schools.  Of those, three of the top six are Pennsylvania Cyber Charter Schools.

In Pennsylvania there are:

  • 189 Charter Schools.
  • 14 Cyber Charter Schools.
  • 3 of the top 6 Charter Schools in SAT scores are Cyber Charter Schools.
  • The top Charter School in PA for SAT scores, is 21st Century Cyber Charter School.

Cyber Charter Schools are criticized for their low scores in large part because these schools attract students who have fallen behind in their home school district school(s).  These latest results demonstrate that Pennsylvania cyber charter schools are very successful.

  1. This link contains a study comparing the schools directly above and below the top eight charter schools in SAT scores.  This study compares the amount of money each school / district spends on their student(s) as compared to the Charter Schools to obtain the same SAT results.  You can see from the results that the home school districts spend on average 27% more than the Charter School to obtain the same SAT results.

Here is the link to the PA Department of Education website that lists the SAT scores.

House Bill 530 is being introduced that unfairly cuts funding to Cyber Charter Schools.  Cyber Charter Schools already function with less money to produce the same, if not better results, as their brick and mortar counterparts. It is patently unfair to target these students – many of whom are in your district.  Would you please contact Speaker Turzai and inform him, those students that choose Cyber Charter Schools for their education should not be unfairly treated?

Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. James Hanak, CEO

PA Leadership Charter School