Charter-established and online-based, a Cyber Charter School is an educational opportunity and option for children in kindergarten through 12th grade to enroll in and attend a school on the Internet that focuses on individual-student-centered.

The online environment of a Cyber Charter has significant benefits, including individualized study and learning space for students and families with unique needs and desires.

Students Participating in Cyber Charter School

Individualized Pacing and Scheduling

Cyber Charter School allows students to work at a speed that fits their individual learning needs. Students have an extended period to complete work, allowing them to work ahead or spend extra time on assignments. This setup helps:

  • Gifted students move faster than in other educational settings.
  • Special Education students work in the safety and support of a home environment.
  • Students take specialized courses rarely offered by local districts.
  • Children of families that travel often.
  • Athletes with difficult scheduling needs.
  • Those focusing on the arts and needing extra time to develop their talents.

Combining the best interactive curriculum with skilled teachers who are online every day helps students connect with the material and with their teachers more than in the traditional brick-and-mortar school setting, even allowing some students to excel faster than in other schools.

Health, Safety, and the Home Environment

Cyber school lessens negative social interactions by reducing the risk of drugs, alcohol, gangs, fights, and bullying and the fear associated with an unsafe environment. Cyber Charters are ideal for students who have trouble attending school for health and social reasons.

Cyber school provides all of the advantages of homeschooling without the added stress and workload placed upon homeschooling parents. Qualified, experienced teachers bring instruction into the safety and comfort of the student’s home.

Reducing unnecessary time-wasting, like busing, changing of classes, lunch periods, and discipline issues, allows students to complete their schoolwork much quicker than in a brick-and-mortar school. This gives families extra time to connect with their community. Students can build friendships within faith-based communities, community sports teams, neighbors, and other home-based learning groups.

PA Cyber Charter Schools

There are 14 Cyber Charter Schools out of 152 Charter Schools in PA. A listing of all PA Charter Schools and a separate listing of all PA Cyber Charter Schools can be found on the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s “What Is a Charter School?” page or click here for a listing in Excel: List of 2021-2022 Charter and Cyber Charter Schools Listing.